How To Order:

To order any of our fabrics, just send an email to us with the fabric description and amount you wanted. For all orders, we send a Paypal invoice so you can pay safely and securely.

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We Use Fedex Ground to ship all our retro modern fabrics

Quality & popular designs, Unika Vaev means "unique weave" in Danish

Unika Vaev was once a small mill in Denmark. The name - a source of endless questioning - means "unique weave" in Danish. The quality was apparent in Unika Vaev's products from the beginning, and the Unika Vaev Collection grew by leaps and bounds, from the comfortable and the sensible to the most notable new ideas on the market.

Right now, all of our Unika Vaev fabrics have been sold. We are currently looking for more of these popular fabrics. Stay tuned!

We try very hard to accurately photograph our fabrics, but please be aware that colors can vary from one computer system to another. Swatches (free - limit 4) are always recommended for your satisfaction in purchasing the correct fabric for your project.