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Maharam "Fasten Cocoa" Modern Retro Upholstery Fabric - 8 1/8 Yards (2 Pieces)

$89.99 - Free Shipping!

Maharam Fasten Cocoa Modern Retro Upholstery Fabric - Medium View

This listing is for 8 1/8 yards (2 pieces) of "Fasten" designer fabric in the "Cocoa" colorway from Maharam.

Durable, large scale repeat design. Ideal for any Mid-Century Modern upholstery project, this high-quality fabric from Maharam is used by many upscale furniture manufacturers to upholster their products.

There are two (2) pieces here, 4 1/2 yards and 3 2/3 yards for a total of 8 1/4 yards.

You could pay $57.00 a yard (a $470.25 retail value!) at, but why??? As always, we offer a premium fabric to our buyers for much less!

$89.99 - Free Shipping!

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